Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked Bourbon - 2023 Release

The not so easy to find once a year offering from my favorite distillery in Kentucky, Woodford Reserve.


Jonny Haines aka The Bourbon Bender

5/25/20233 min read

Woodford Double Double Oaked 2023 Release

Released on January 18th, 2023

Available Only at W.R. Distillery in Versailles, KY

Proof: 90.4

Flavor Profile: Spicy, Roasted, Toast and Vanilla.

Original MSRP: $65 / Secondary Market: $300+

This Bourbon is very special to me. I have long been an unapologetic fanboy of the Woodford Distillery and everything they produce. I have aways been a fan of the Double Oaked Woodford Bourbon, so far back as when it came in a traditional W.R. bottle but with a darker label. Well this year I was finally allotted the opportunity to try the fabled Double DOUBLE Oaked, thanks to my Mother recently moving down to KY, who was willing and able to make the short drive to Versailles and purchase me the Two bottles that were permitted per customer. I am glad she made the trip on the release day, despite my telling her not to risk her life standing in a line, because she was able to secure these bottles before they inevitably sold out later that evening. Her bravery was rewarded, and so was I. Upon receiving the bottles, I waited patiently for the opportunity to break into one with my good friend and former Brown Forman salesman, Terry Cochrane, which delighted him to no end to be able to enjoy this special gift from his former employer.

The first drink of this spirit can be a little intimidating, when one is used to the incredibly smooth, caramel and vanilla flavor of the classic Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Brand, the nose of this D.D.O. offering can be, a little daunting. But where the nose betrays a bonfire rich toasted exterior, the first time it passes your gums you will be rewarded with a medium vanilla body, chewy and spicy, with elements of nougat and all-spice. Like the finest dark cake or pumpkin bread you have ever enjoyed, perhaps left for too long in the oven.

My first impression of this expression is that of Scotch, Highland Scotch to be exact, namely for the herbal/spicy character that it takes on, most likely dragged off the walls of a charred new oak barrel when all the sugar had already been absorbed into the spirit. I will say that perhaps, the D.D.O. is not for the feint of heart, nor for everyone, but I would recommend if you get the chance to try it, for a reasonable price, I think you would be remised if you passed on such an opportunity.

I advise, use extreme prejudice when pursuing this spirit in the secondary market. W.R. makes it known that they sell this spirit exclusively in the distillery, so beware of fake or fraudulent websites claiming to have the genuine article available, make sure you vet them, search on better business bureau, and check their copyrights for any suspicious or "to good to be true" websites that are going to con you. As a note, this should go without saying for all after market purchasing of fine spirits. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of, don't let the promise of a sweet dram of fire water prevent you from sniffing out a bad spirit, trying to take advantage of your love for all things bourbon.

With that being said, my review is concluded. See final review score and tasting diagram information below. Along with some links to other Woodford Reserve products from a reputable seller.


THE REASON: Great flavor, amazing quality, lack of availability is a weakness

LAST WORD: The D.D.O. is truly a special spirit, maybe more to me personally than some who would be reading this review. But I acknowledge that the lack of availability without some serious commitment or jumping through hoops, makes this spicy spirit perhaps, a little less necessary for the average bourbon drinker. That being said, if you ever have the opportunity, as I had, I would not pass on a dram, or two, of this very unique spirit.

Sincerely yours, Your Humble Barkeep, The Bourbon Bender

Written on 5/25/23

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